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One of the most useful resources available to you is the
Hosting Activation Welcome Letter
that you received after signing up for a hosting account.

It contains critical usernames, passwords, and login information such as:
FTP Information
To create, edit and modify a website, you should have an FTP program on your computer. If you do not, you can find several free programs on the Internet that can be downloaded.

For a free tutorial on how to find, setup, and use an FTP client, see http://www.pageresource.com/putweb/ftptut1.htm

Your Welcome letter will provide the host name, username, and password required by the FTP program.

FTP login names will look like this:
Host name/address: www.your-registered-name-here.com
User ID: admin@your-registered-name-here.com
Password: example

Web Email
Every hosting account comes with webmail access that you can use to check your email from any computer, at any time, from anywhere. The Welcome letter will tell you the name of the default user that was set up for your account.

Web Mail login names will look like this:
Username: admin@your-registered-name-here.com
Password: example (given in your Welcome letter)

Pop Email (Outlook Express, Eudoramail, etc.)
The Welcome letter provides the mail settings that you will need to check mail using a POP3 client such as Outlook Express, Eudoramail, etc. This provides a second option for checking your email. You can go the the webmail address listed above, or use the settings below for a POP email client.

POP Email setup names will look like this:
POP3 Server: mail.your-registered-name-here.com
SMTP Server: mail.your-registered-name-here.com
Default User: admin@your-registered-name-here.com

Use the above settings and refer to your specific email client's setup instructions.

Here's the most common setup for Outlook and Outlook Express users who use Copper.net dialup:

(Under Tools --> Accounts --> Properties)
- Incoming mail (POP3): mail.your-registered-name-here.com
- Incoming Mail Server account name: admin@your-registered-name-here.com
- Incoming Mail Server password: ________ (given in your Welcome letter)
- There should be NO CHECKMARK showing beside "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"

- Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.copper.net
- There must be a CHECKMARK showing beside "My server requires authentication."
- Proceed into "Settings" and "Log on using..."
- Account Name/Username: your Copper dial-up username. Do not include @copper.net.
- Password: your Copper dial-up password.
- There should be NO CHECKMARK showing beside "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"

If you do not use Copper.net as your ISP, the outgoing mail settings will be different. They need to reflect the settings of the ISP you use to connect to the Internet.
Hosting Setup / DNS Instructions
If you purchased your domain name and hosting package during CopperHosting sign up, you do not have to worry about your DNS details because we will set everything up for you.

If we are hosting a domain name that you already own, you will need to update your registrar information so that your domain now points to a CopperHosting server. The new DNS addresses will be included in your Welcome letter. You will need to access your settings at the original registrar company. The username and password that they provided when you purchased the name should provide access.

Primary DNS: ns1.ispns.net
Secondary DNS: ns2.ispns.net
Tertiary DNS: ns3.ispns.net
Administrative Access / Control Panel
There is a control panel at the specific address provided in your Welcome letter that allows you to administer your account. From the Control Panel you can add or remove email accounts, change passwords, and perform basic site administration.

Follow the instructions in your Welcome letter to access your control panel.

Control Panel login names will look like this:
Admin interface: http://cp.your-registered-name-here.com/
Username: admin@your-registered-name-here.com
Password: example